Why would you use Web marketing?
Web marketing has become one of the necessities of life in our society today, Hundreds of millions of users access the Internet daily from all over the world as internet - has become an open market for diverse audience - that is used to promote the goods and different services.

The Clients gives us some brief about his product and his budget, based on that Our Company start building a Perception about the Campaign that could contain many different aspects including:

* Advertising through Google.

* Advertising through Facebook.


*Publicity campaigns for your website.


* Advertising through Arabic Sites.


* Advertising through Videos (Youtube).

  • Designing the Website for your store.
  • Register a Domain Name and hosting space.
  • Photographing your Products.
  • Marketing Your Products.
  • Shopping Script and Ability to add Products to a Shopping Cart.
  • Paying with Credit Cards.


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What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the process of

getting traffic from the search engines (e.g. Google, yahoo).

Why do I need a SEO?

Because it will open the door for new customers that will come from Google Search. Google Search will highly recommend your website to the customer to visit it. Which give the confidence to the new client that this website is better in terms of the service delivery and quality.

What you will get?

Social Media Solutions have an expertise in this field which promote an advanced features that will ensure the success of deliver SEO Service. You will get the following:

 Website Front End Code Validation:

 Social Media Solutions will validate the code of the website to ensure that the website meet what search Engine require.

• Optimized posts that target your keywords:

Social Media Solutions will write a very optimized post that target your keywords to

demand in the in Google Search results.

On Page Optimization:

Social Media Solutions will optimize the content of the current website and

connections between them to satisfy Google Search requirements for better rank.

• OFF Page Optimization:

Social Media Solutions will optimize the Backlinks, Alexa Rank and sitemap. These

factors responsible for how well your website is popular.

• Traffic Optimization:

Social Media Solutions will optimize and analyze the traffic by ensuring that the

website is fast, flexible and get real traffic if needed. We will analyze how they

behave in the website which page more using ... etc.

• International Capability:

Social Media Solutions will optimize the website for locally (Target country) and

worldwide Search engines.

• Keyword Discovery:

Social Media Solutions will research about the best valuable keywords that will

make your website more reachable and you will dominate over more clients.

Monthly SEO Tracking Overview Report:

It is extremely important to track and identify known (and unknown) page

changes that were made which may negatively impact your SEO. Also the report

will show how much the performance of SEO.

• Competitive Analysis:

One of the most important factors that will enhance website popularity is analyze

how well and bad the competitor in your market. This will illustrate which factor

will have higher priority in implementation of the service.

• White Hat SEO Techniques:

Social Media Solutions will use legal suggested techniques from Search Engines

that will not cause any violations of the website.

What Steps that we follow?

We follow very sequential clear steps that identify how service will Progress:

Step One, Analysis and Identification Stage:

• Get your website URL and your targeted keywords.

• Analyze OFF page and On Page Factors of the website.

• Analyze the targeted Keywords market.

• Analyze the competitors level.

Step two, Technical Proposal Representation Stage:

• Suggest a full technical Solution for the service.

Step Three, Implementing the Solution and Tracking Stage:

• Start Implementing the service.

• Monthly Overview Report of the SEO & Traffic.

• Start Solving any negative impact of SEO –If any-.

How we calculate the price for SEO?

• Keywords

• Visit Durations

• Number of visits

Not yet sure?

Don’t worry, we know that sometimes is confusing to choose the best, how it works, and how SEO can help you grow your business. That’s why
we are here to help! Contact Us and we will explain how everything works and make recommendations based on your business needs and requirements.

Let us help you explore new opportunities that can satisfy your business objectives. Our SEO rates will be custom tailored to your needs and budget after we analyze your requirements in detail and agree about the goals of your SEO campaign.


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